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The Seeking God by Dr. Stan Toler

The Seeking God
                             "The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."
Luke 19:10

Have you noticed it? The subtle inversion that's taken place in our thinking about our mission?

Where once we focused our energies on the word, GO, we have now applied our thinking to strategies for getting nonbelievers to COME TO US. In the Gospels, God is pictured as the seeker, going into the world in search of lost sheep. Now, we imagine the lost person as the seeker, believing that unsaved people spend much of their energy asking, "Which church should I attend this weekend?"

Yet the Great Commission stands as written. It is a call----more than that, an imperative--- to GO into the world and make disciples of all nations, Jesus Christ entered the world to be among those whom He would save.

In that grand act, God drew near to the those far away. Understanding the heart of God is the key to being mobilized for the mission. So long as we imagine God plaintively waiting for lost people to stumble upon the truth, we will never be inspired to go into all the world. But the moment we realize that God Himself is the seeker, scouring the highways and byways in search of "the least of these," we'll be compelled to go with Him. 

When you seek to understand the heart of God, you will love as He loves and do as He does. So, when someone asks, "Do you personally know any seekers?" you can enthusiastically answer, "Yes, I do, And you're looking at one."

God sees you as a follower of His truth and grace who, out of love and obedience, seeks others. 

My Prayer

Lord, rouse me from complacency and give me an urgency to do Your work. Amen

Try It

List 5 people who would be open to your sharing Christ with them, pray every day over them, and take a step in reaching the first one on your list.